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Senior Asp.Net Developer


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2 Aralık 2016

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3000 - 5000 TL

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Senior Developer
Looking for a full-time senior developer who has at least +3 years of experience in designing & developing code for dynamic web sites/web applications.
You will be delivered all pages of the web sites as html, css & basic javascript/jquery work finished and expected to deliver finished web site.

You will be responsible for
- transforming the html pages into pages
- adding/building the front-end controls
- adding complex javascript/jquery code
- designing, coding, supporting the backend
- relational database design and implementation using MS SQL Server
- creating test scenarios and testing your own code.
- deploying to both test and production server by doing the necessary configurations.
- use github to create repositories, manage your code on the repository, pull/push changes and use github issues tracking system efficiently.

You are expected to:
- Have very good written & spoken english.
- Have a Bachelor degree.
- Having solid development experience with VB.Net, C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, Ajax, CSS, HTML, XML, SQL, IIS
- Deliver quality code by applying sound development practices with solid methodology, workflow & discipline.
- Perform partial and full(final) testing of your code
- Participate in estimating project efforts and delivery timelines
- Identify technical, schedule, and other project risks and provide relevant feedback
- Proactively collaborate with teammates and communicate
- Ability to multitask and prioritize multiple concurrent assignments
- Able to learn quickly and effectively apply new knowledge
- Ability to work without receiving significant supervision.
- Strong analytic skills, problem-solving ability and high attention to detail
- Strictly meet predefined milestone & deadlines
- Have strong, dependable internet connection, be always online during working hours.
- Be available online over e-mail & skype at least during working hours
- Provide daily reports via e-mail at the end of each working day
- Use a screen capture software as a proof of active working hours

- This is a full-time position and you are expected to act and think as a member of the team rather than like a freelancer.
- I am looking to develop a friendly, honest, sincere relationship as well as a professional relationship.
- There will be a max 1 month trial period which you are expected to show all your talent.
- For the 1st month you will receive weekly payment. Upcoming months will be paid monthly.
- Sufficient rise in salary can be expected depending on your performance but not earlier than 3 months period.

This position is a remote position which doesn't requires you to be in company office.
- You should provide your own workspace
- You should provide your own computer and software
- You should provide your own internet connection
- You should work for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week (except public holidays)
- You can choose your own working hours as long as you full-fill the 8 working hours per day.

Please do not apply if:
- You are not actively looking for a full-time position
- Looking for a temporary job
- Are in between jobs
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Proje Soru / Cevap
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rocoroco 6 Aralık 2016 Bekliyor
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2 Aralık 2016

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